Page ….3 from a 30 page A6 project I have to do for uni- the orignal is just black and white but I was itching to paint it so sufficed for photoshopping a lil digital colour onto there c:

Little WIP  sneak peak of the first page of my nuzlocke c: reclaimed my loved of backgrounds :D

Got the two prologue pages done so far and all of the first page sketched out c: just need to figure out a title for it :F Ah well- onto resketching my trainer and charmander! :D

Gonna start posting pages of this in January - and post one every couple of weeks when I have a buffer built up! :D

Brb having kitty snuggles and stuff

This is Dexter, he dances like your granddad c:

So late at uploading my drawing a day stuffs- but heres one from a couple of days ago. had a few people say i remind them of a cat. So heres a cat version of me. c:

Another little collection of freebie stuff I did. That bottom left ones my fave :D

Shark doggy! A doodle from one of my freebie streams c:

Speed sketch background / lighting practice c:

Some little doodles of some pokemon from my Nuzelock run :D Blue the Charmander and Eddy the Ekans c: I’m hopeing to eventuanlly getting aroudn to doing a comic but cant decide on an art style for it… this one only took about 50 mins for both of them… so thats not too bad :D

Revamped my personal / reblog tumblr to free up this username to use for my art blog c: Now I’m pretty active art wise anyhow but a lot of the doodles and stuff i do don’t really see the light of day. So I figured I’d set up a little drawing a day blog, and try to post one or possibly two things a day. These will be anything from little sketches to background practice to speedpaints.

I will be leaving my ask box open for any questions or suggestions for what I should draw per day- if i get some ideas I like I’ll draw them! :D

I’m not very tumblr savvy, so excuse me as I fumble my way around ^^;